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Getting to Fukui is relatively easy, and there are two ways to get to the prefecture by train from the Tokyo Area. Depending on where you want to visit before or after your trip to Fukui, you may want to think about which route to take. You can also get to the prefecture via airplane, which is ar...more...
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Tucked away from the loud, fun, sun and sand times at Wakasa Wada Beach in Takahama, Fukui Prefecture is a small Shinto Shrine that is over 870 years old. Shingu Shrine was founded on February 14, 1143. It is partnered with two other even smaller shrines (Atagoinari Shrine and Atago Shrine)  that...more...
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The Tojinbo Cliffs Fukui is characterized by its rocky shores, and the Tojinbo Cliffs are Fukui’s most famous rocky outcropping. The cliffs are basaltic cliffs, which gives the rocks their distinct geometric shape. The basalt rocks break up vertically, making hexagonal columns that reach up from...more...
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Echizen Historic Pageant in SpringThe Echizen Pageant is a festival that is held every year in order to celebrate Fukui’s culture and important historical figures. Each year people dressed in elegant traditional Japanese clothing and armor walk a 1.5 km stretch of road in central Fukui. All along...more...
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Fukui is relatively small, and many of the points of interest are close by. Unfortunately, some of those points may be a bit far from public transportation, so best case scenario would be to rent a car and drive directly to these spots. If not, you can still take buses that go back and forth to t...more...
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Saba no HeshikoWhat makes Saba no Heshiko is that, rather than being dried regularly, the fish is actually pickled in “Nuka” or rice bran. Nuka is the shavings taken off of individual rice grains, as normally rice grains are brown. These shavings give the vegetable or meat of choice a distinct fl...more...
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The summer is filled with innumerable festivals, both big and small, far and wide. The same holds true for even the smallest of towns.Starting in 2003, once a year in the hot and humid months of July or August in the beach-side town of Takahama (Wakasa-Takahama), located in the "Deep South" of Fu...more...
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Summer is finally on it's way and our search for the perfect family friendly beach to spend the coming hot summer afternoons has also started. Here are two great places to while away your summer afternoon in Fukui, both are nearby to other places of interest too so, win-win!Sunset BeachLocated ri...more...