The traditional center of the Chugoku region of Japan, and home to over 2.8 million people, Hiroshima is famous and infamous in its history and major sights. Historically an economic hub of the Western region, Hiroshima has continuously been a center for industry, and the sight of the famous Battle of Sekigahara, a decisive victory for the Tokugawa clan that lead to the beginning of the Edo era. It was originally made of two provinces; Aki, and Bingo. (Yes, like the game)

It was such an important trading hub, that the Regional Army and Army Marine Headquarters was stationed in Hiroshima during World War 2. As such, it was one of the US’ primary targets and suffered heavy casualties, both military and civilian, when the US dropped an atomic bomb on the city. Though it took many years to rebuild, Hiroshima is still a major city even today, and is also home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites: The Atomic Dome, and the Itsukushima Shrine, which is famous for its appearance of floating on water.

Hiroshima is also a major cultural center as well. Shukkei-en is a formal Japanese garden located in Hiroshima, and has a history of 400 years. It has served as a villa for many famous leaders, and even the Emperor himself for a time. After the atomic bomb was dropped, it even served as a refuge for those affected. In addition, Hiroshima has a strong stance on nuclear proliferation and peace, which can be seen by its large memorial park. Hiroshima is also famous for its street cars, which have a history of over 100 years.

Food is also very important to people who live in Hiroshima, and the Chugoku region. One of the most famous Hiroshima inventions is Okonomiyaki, which translates to “grilled favorites”. Still don’t understand what it is? It’s basically a layer of batter with cabbage and toppings such as octopus, and in Hiroshima, noodles! Other delicacies include oyster, Momiji-manju, and Tsukemen.


The island of Miyajima is famous for its Buddhist holy sites and its friendly, free roaming deer. Officially titled Itsukushima, the name Miyajima, which literally translates to "shrine island", was popularized because the island is part of a district called Miyajima in Hatsukaichi City. The most...

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