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Hokkaido, the “dō” in the Japanese administrative divisions commonly referred to as to-dō-fu-ken, takes up the entire Northern Island and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. Hokkaido is a mysterious natural island, and immersing yourself in the open, natural sceneri...more...
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Hokkaido is vast in territory, and it is recommended that Sapporo be the focus of your first classic trip. It can be a three- or four-day tour of sightseeing and shopping. Sapporo is also the most convenient starting point if you wish to visit other areas of Hokkaido. Day 1The first day can be co...more...
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Though each of the four seasons in Hokkaido brings its own unique characteristics, the summer and winter landscapes are the most splendid. As a result, summer and winter are peak tourist seasons resulting in higher flight ticket and hotel costs, and so it is strongly recommended to plan well in a...more...