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Furano · Biei · Asahikawa

Asahikawa, Furano and Biei, all of which are adjacent to each other, are often grouped together as one area because the transportation between these three places is so quick and easy.

Asahikawa is the second largest city in Hokkaido, after Sapporo. Tackling the grand Asahidake snow mountain is the only way to access Sounkyo, Furano and Biei. The northern Asahiyama Zoo is definitely one of the major attractions of Asahikawa.

As one of the most popular zoos in Japan, it provides a free and relaxed environment for the animals. You can see polar bears diving, seals swimming and other unique animals in a natural environment. The most famous activity here is the penguin walking. This adorable scene can only be witnessed twice a day so don’t miss it!

Furano and Biei are two beautiful and unforgettable sightseeing spots in Hokkaido, and are worth visiting in both summer and in winter. The wide-ranging Furano Biei area includes Biei, Kami-Furano, Naka-Furano, Furano, Minamifurano and Tomamu Alpha Resort. In summer, the lavender and sunflower in the Furano wild flower fields resemble a colorful patchwork. In winter, the snowy mountain offers another kind of beauty. In addition to the natural landscape, you can also take a stroll through the Furano Forest Fairy Terrace, choose exquisite handicrafts, sit in the "Forest of the Hours" café or have seasonal lavender ice cream, honeydew and dessert.

For a trip in summer time, it is recommended that you rent a bike and cycle through the sea of flowers and wheat fields. In winter, it is better to rent a car, as the public transport is very inconvenient. If you can, stay in the Tomamu Resort – it’s a truly unique experience.

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北海道可謂是“日本和牛”之鄉,幾乎全境都在進行牛肉生產,共有26個品牌。在此推薦Kumagera這家由廢棄建築材料建成的餐廳,這裡的食材全部都是當地特產。店內主營日式涮涮鍋,但其供應的富良野和牛料理更是不容錯過。 **交通方式** - JR根室本線富良野站步行3分鐘Read more

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    Furano Winery

    Located about 3km from Furano Station, this winery is open to the public and offers free wine tasting. It is operated directly by Furano's municipa...Read more

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    朝日之丘公园是富良野著名的赏樱胜地,公园位于小山丘之上,视野辽阔。1950年时,这座公园就已经被选为日本百景之一。从公园内可以远眺富良野盆地和十胜岳连峰等名景。樱花时节,公园内的3000多株樱花绚烂盛放,美不胜收,是富良野首屈一指的美景名胜。除了樱花外,园内还有500多株杜鹃花和各种品种的落叶...Read more

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    《來自北國》是日本電視史上的鉅作,陪伴了不少日本人成長。導演兼編劇倉本聰以將近20年的時間刻畫出五郎與他的子女在富良野生活的故事。其中,曾被用作拍攝場地的農業協同組合4號倉庫現在被改裝爲北國資料館。資料館內收藏了倉本聰監督的手稿與劇中人物所使用的道具與服裝等多種珍貴物品。 **交通方式** ...Read more

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