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by 622 reviewers
Excellent location, friendly and professional staff, and very clean room.
by 1422 reviewers
This was our second visit to Hotel New Century. Two nights last time, three this time - clouds and rain last time, excellent weather this time with perfect Fuji views right from our window. We really like the location of New Century for the view. Get a mountain/lake facing room. Right after we made our reservation we received a nice email from the hotel welcoming us and asking us about our dinner choices. Since we had stayed before we knew what to expect but we had a nice interchange via email about food and pick-up services. We requested the same room we had previously and were given it. Once we arrived in Kawaguchiko, we had TIC at the station call the hotel let them know of our arrival and we soon were picked up. Since we had stayed before, the orientation to the hotel rules was abbreviated which was fine with us. From the time the hotel van picked us up at the station until it took us back for our early morning departure we felt that everyone really wanted to do everything they could to make our stay pleasant. From the desk staff to the ladies serving breakfast and dinner, everyone was most kind and helpful. We appreciated being seated at the table we requested in the first floor dining room. The food was excellent: our only complaint is that there is too much to eat! The Wi-Fi in the room worked well and it seemed faster than on our previous visit. The only change we noticed in our tatami room was that the bathroom had been renovated. The bathtub was gone and replaced by a shower. This was not a problem since the onsens were relaxing to use once one mastered the schedule. The timings and locations rotated for males and females. The one on the top floor had views of Fuji which were greatly improved if you opened the window, which otherwise was steamy. The one on the first floor offered a terrific bubbly whirlpool experience in the “lava” bath. We love this place and will definitely come back for a third visit.
by 671 reviewers
This is the ultimate Onsen Ryokan!! What a fantastic stay we had. First of all - if you are going to visit Mt. Fuji (or at least want to see it without a 300 mm lens on any day of your stay) this is the place to be!! The hotel itself is gorgeous. The grounds are truly serene with its perfect landscape. The staff were excellent and helpful. We had an attendant that was absolutely fantastic and waited on us to make our stay memorable!! And that is what she did!! The rooms with the private onsens are out of this world. We had the deluxe room (huge) - kng bed, kotatsu for dining in a separate room next to the bed/main room, private entrance to your room, reg. table in bed/main room, tub/shower and of course the highlight of having your private onsen. We had the breakfast included with our stay and what a breakfast (Japanese)!! The attendant for your room brought it in at the time we asked... and while we were sleeping in...she quietly set it up in the kotatsu room. We were so spoiled in one day, we wished we booked more days just to relax. This is a superb hotel (ryokan) and would not hesitate to book and stay for a longer time. We did not know about the car service to/from the hotel for free. We were taken back to the station by the hotel van -so ask and reserve when arriving. We took a taxi to the hotel. If you want a true Kaiseki experience - this is the place to have it. Yes it is pricey BUT believe me the food and experience is out of this world. It is right up there in the dining experience with the Eiffel Tower dinner on valentines day!! YES do it!!! Side notes: it is pricey BUT you get what you pay for and believe me we were impressed with everything and well worth the money spent. Lake Kawaguchiko area was so quaint and we loved the time we spent exploring the area. And you MUST try the Lavender ice cream! Take the boat ride and do the tram up the mountain. I paid for the sightseeing bus - save your money.
by 2126 reviewers
Every little thing you need they have it ready for you. Staff is helpful. Close to train station. I would use this hotel again and reccomend to friends.
by 514 reviewers
The onsen was very nice, and well attended by the hotel guests as well as others. The onsen was not crowded on a Saturday evening. We enjoyed the opportunity to unwind. Shampoo, conditioner and soap were provided in the onsen area, as well as hair dryers. The dormitory room had space for 7 guests. Our group was made up of 4 women. We felt safe in the hotel, though the door did not lock due to dormitory setting. There were lockers available had we preferred to use them for our valuables.
by 1616 reviewers
It was clean, beds were comfortable, staff was EXCELLENT (they were friendly and accommodating) There was even free coffee/tea provide at the lobby. Great gesture! Please use the nearby Tram stations if you are not driving, it's just 5 minutes walk away! You may also consider taking a taxi from the hotel to the nearby Ropeway station to catch the grand night view! It's one of 3 grand night views in Japan!
by 712 reviewers
Spacious family room. Great Food. Attentive Staff. Well-located. The hotel is a 7 storey building. The outdoor onsen is on the 6th floor and the indoor onsen is on the 7th floor. Our family room was located on the 6th floor, which was handy when you are dragging little ones. The family room has its own private toilet and bath.
by 2033 reviewers
We love the location of the hotel. The airport bus (from OSA airport) stop right at the OCAT below. It's near Dontonbori (about 10 mins walk), there are so many restaurants & shopping there.
by 266 reviewers
This place is luxury, all the way. We had the deluxe room with private open air taki. So amazing! I recommend checking in right at 3PM and not leaving until checkout 11AM the next day. Highly recommend booking the dinner ahead of time to save money. You will definitely want the dinner-- there's nothing nearby. They accommodated a vegetarian meal, which was delicious! I might skip the breakfast and instead brings snacks to the room. Easy to get to without a car. You can take a train and then a bus-- even without speaking Japanese, we figured it out by pointing to our map whenever a bus pulled up. This is not a ryakon, this is a luxury hotel. We had a Friday night stay in a traditional ryakon in Gora where we slept on tatami and had meals in our room with public onsen. That was a fantastic experience and I recommend doing that for one night of your trip. Our second night was at Kinnotake which was an unbelievable night of luxury :)
by 3074 reviewers
The staff were incredibly kind. I went with my mom and I basically pointed to the destinations I wanted to go to and ask for a cab. They called one immediately over and told the driver the place. It is a short walk from Kyoto station. Inside the hotel is more luxurious than its outside appearance the room was spacious, clean and all utilities were provided (included a welcome card, post card, origami, bed clothes and a bag) they also have an baths place. Wish I stayed in Kyoto for more than 2 days. Will be back ☺️
by 2797 reviewers
Loved the location, view and restaurants in the tower. The location is right on the Osaka Loop Line, hard to find a better connection, and also connects directly to KIX airport. The view from any of the rooms is amazing, I was on one of the lower ones and it did not take away the amazing view. Restaurants had a good choice from 10-20 euro restaurants at the bottem level from 100-200 at the top floor restaurants.
by 865 reviewers
The hotel is very close to Nagano Station and the bus station so it is very convenience to travel around the city. The room size is quite small but comfortable. The staffs are very nice:)