Spanning from the Sea of Japan to the Seto Inland Sea, Hyogo is the westernmost prefecture of the Kansai region. The capital, Kobe, is famous for its beef, but also as a maritime shipping hub. This port city was modernized and revitalized after the extensive damage of the 1995 earthquake. Elsewhere in the prefecture, you can see UNESCO World Heritage Himeji Castle said to be the most beautiful feudal castle in Japan, and Kinosaki, an elegant riverside hot spring resort dating back 14 centuries. On the Sea of Japan side, the San-in Coast National Park offers rugged seascapes of craggy cliffs stretching toward the sandy dunes of neighboring Tottori prefecture.


Himeji, the second largest city in Hyogo Prefecture after Kobe, is most famous for its UNESCO World Heritage castle, which is a beautiful example of feudal architecture and one of the few castles in Japan that's not a reconstruction. Also known as the white heron castle for its gracefully curved ...

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