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This small prefecture on the Sea of Japan is famed for its traditional crafts, in particular, lacquerware and gold leaf from Kanazawa and the colorful porcelain of Kutani. Get a taste of old Japan at the steeply terraced mountain rice paddies and salt farms of the Noto Peninsula, recognized by the UN as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage site. Visit the historic Daijo-ji Temple to try Zen meditation and Mount Hakusan, one of Japan’s three most famous mountains, offers challenging hiking courses and serene nature in all seasons. You can ease sore muscles after your climb and soak up the beauty at the many hot springs nestled at the mountain's base.


Historical temples and shrines, onsen (hot springs), traditional architecture and breathtaking nature are some of Kanazawa's most popular attractions. Known as "Little Kyoto,"​ the picturesque town boasts a thriving tea district. Called Higashi Chaya, this part of town is a must-see. Kenroku-en G...

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