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Kagawa Prefecture is one of the four prefectures of Shikoku Island. It is currently the smallest prefecture in Japan, and is settled on the Seto Inland Sea next to Ehime and Tokushima Prefecture. It was originally known as Sanuki Province, which is the origin of the nationally famous Sanuki Udon. It is also connected by the Great Seto bridge which connects Shikoku Island to the mainland. Kagawa itself is known for very good weather with relatively little rainfall, which means the possibility for great beach days on the Seto coast.

Kagawa is also home to many temples, part of the eighty-eight temple pilgrimage around Shikoku Island, and is home to the Zentsuji temple where famous Buddhist Kukai was born. Kukai would eventually be associated with the pilgrimage itself, as he was the monk who established Buddhism in Japan. If you travel around Kagawa and other prefectures in Shikoku, you may see pilgrims with distinctive hats walking from temple to temple.

If you love art, you may also be interested in Kagawa’s art museums. Chichu Art Museum is the most famous art museum in Kagawa. The building itself is very beautiful, especially if you can look from above. It focuses particularly on architectural art, as well as some paintings and physical artwork. They also have a creative café that serves olive-based food, one of Kagawa’s famous exports.

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