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Kanagawa is a dynamic part of the greater Tokyo area. The capital city, Yokohama, features the famous Chinatown district, a port area with dining and shopping plus endless entertainment options. You can experience the rich history of the prefecture in the cities of Kamakura and Hakone. Magical views of Mount Fuji are a backdrop almost everywhere you go in the region.

Most of the sightseeing areas in Kanagawa are within an easy day trip distance from downtown Tokyo. Some must-sees include the Giant Buddha of Kamakura, the many art museums and hot springs of Hakone, and Kawasaki’s open air Edo Museum of buildings preserved from the time of the samurai.


Kawasaki city is a modern shopping destination with a huge variety of malls and restaurants. Visitors can also enjoy historic sites and beautiful scenery. Learn about Japanese culture by visiting Kawasaki's temples, traditional theaters, ancient houses and hot springs.The city is home to the Keih...

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