Site of Nijo Castle

Nijojo is the palace for shogun in Kyoto. This palace was built in 1603, and is also known as Nijo Castle. The high walls, and lengthy ditches symbolize the power of the Edo shogunate. Tokugawa Ieyasu, Tokugawa Ieyasu Kawakuchi and Tokugawa Qingxi have lived here. The castle itself is not very grand or magnificent but it has witnessed a multitude of historical events, so it is extraordinarily politically significant. In 1994 it was named a World Heritage site.

It is worth taking time to savor the interior of Nijojo. Honmaru Goten and Ninomaru Goten - the main buildings. The paintings on the walls and sliding doors are fantastic. There is also the famous "Oriole floor" corridor. When you walk there, you can hear an oriole whistle. Many kinds of flowers and trees are planted in the city. The camellia blooms in early spring, sakura blossoms in April and azaleas in May. There are a hundred days of red in the autumn, as the leaves fall. Visit in any season!

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