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Miyagi is on the Pacific coast in the Tohoku Region. It’s castle-town capital, Sendai City, has a long history which you can experience in many interesting museums and cultural centers. Not far from Sendai is Matsushima, a coastal town considered to have one of Japan’s three most scenic views. The prefecture was badly hit by the March 2011 tsunami but has been rebuilding ever since. Miyagi offers so much for the adventurous traveler: the prefecture is rich in diverse traditional culture and local culinary specialties. The mix of urban and rural areas offer excellent shopping, dining, outdoor exploring and relaxing in mountain hot springs and coastal resorts.


The capital of Miyagi Prefecture, this city is home to many interesting sites and attractions. With roughly one million inhabitants, Sendai is not only the largest city in the Tohoku Region but also among the 15 largest cities in Japan. Its history started in 1600 when Date Masamune, one of Japan...

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