Miyazaki prefecture is on the southeastern side of Kyushu and is known for its majestic mountains and rugged coastal scenery. Surfing has grown in popularity here and as a result, the area draws in big crowds and is famous for competitions held in seaside towns each year. Beyond surfing and scenery, Miyazaki is the home of Japanese myths, history and legends. The “Kojiki” (Records of Ancient Matters) is Japan’s oldest history book. About two-thirds of the places featured in the Kojiki are in Miyazaki. Visiting here, you will be surrounded by shrines, temples and gardens alive in the myths of Japanese gods and goddesses.
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Japanese Myths and Legends: Miyazaki

After returning from a 3-day trip to Miyazaki, I told some of my Japanese friends and acquaintances where I'd been, they all said the same thing: “Miyazaki?! But there's nothing there!”   To catch you up: Miyazaki is a prefecture on the southeastern coas