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When you imagine Nara Prefecture, the roots of history and nature come to mind. This video aims to showcase the untouched beauty of this area in the Kansai region. Check out the video  below made by Tatsu and Wenbin about Nara: Origins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uELvJ6tHuck  HistoryHosting...more...
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A cradle of traditional Japanese history and culture, Nara breathes the spirit of Yamato - the Japanese nation. Formerly known as ‘Heijyokyo’, Nara was the first capital of Japan, from 710 -794 AD. This rich history is evident in the Heijyokyo Palace, which was built in the architectural style of...more...
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Nara makes an ideal destination for a day trip, as it is only half an hour to an hour away from Osaka or Kyoto. In fact, it could be one stop in your tour to or from Kansai.Day  1Upon arriving at Nara, rent a yukata or kimono and begin your leisurely stroll to Nara Park. Don’t forget to visit Kof...more...
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Nara has four distinctive seasons—all of which are suitable for travelling. Spring and autumn, however, are the prime seasons. People often choose to appreciate the plum blossoms from late February to early March, as well as the cherry blossoms from mid- or late March to mid-April. The magnificen...more...
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By Odigo Contributor BRYAN BAIER FIRE! Before the cherry blossoms bloom and the weather turns fair, March in Japan rages with fire festivals, cremating the last chill of winter and the withered brown footprint of plants wrought in its wake. Mt. Aso Fire Festival photo by the Tourism Division, Ku...more...
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On our way back from MyDome Osaka where we spent a day meeting people from the JET programme, ODIGO's newest staff memberJenny and I detoured through Nara on our way home to Tokyo.I didn't really know much about Nara except that it’s full of deer. I was surprised at how easy it was to get to Kint...more...
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Kofuku-ji Temple's Nanen-do -- Photo by Jennifer Weiss The typical tourist to Nara is prone to squeeze it into their Kansai area itinerary, most probably with Kyoto, Osaka and possibly Kobe taking up most of their time. They will usually only give this town about 1/2 a day sandwiched in between ...more...