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1|imageslimthis is japanLV.88 200 5
If you want to see a different side of Japan, you might want to head away from the large city centers and branch out a little bit. Niigata is one of my favorite prefectures for both smaller city life and also the chance to enjoy wide open spaces and getting away from it all for a while. Here are ...more...
1|imageslimdelilahLV.9 1228 11
As summer comes to a close, we look ahead to the upcoming autumn season. Along with the (much welcomed) cooler temps, the fall season blankets all of Japan with vibrant shades of reds and yellows. Known as koyo in Japanese, the colorful foliage first appears in northern Japan in September and gra...more...
1|imageslimJohn AmariLV.3 177 3
Visiting a village is probably not the first thing to occur to most non-Japanese seeking a fun time in Japan. How unfortunate. Some of the country’s best-kept secrets are to be found tucked away in little, unassuming places where the legends are grand, the environment is lush and the people are w...more...
1|imageslimTaryn SiegelLV.3 169 13
Whenever I’m recounting a story that’s precious to me, whether I tell it through a text message to my sister or a blog post, I somehow find myself often mentioning drinking tea or coffee. The reasons for this storytelling with beverages are firstly because I drink an excessive amount of tea and c...more...
1|imageslimSimone ChenLV.24 225 5
Upon returning home to Tokyo from a recent trip to Yahiko, a quiet village in Niigata Prefecture, I wrote a Japanese friend, recounting my travels. I told her of the open fields and blue skies of the Niigata countryside, with views that go on for miles. I went on about sun-drenched streets windin...more...
1|imageslimOdigo TravelLV.67 188 4
Yahiko is a small town in Niigata Prefecture with over 1000 years of history. Located 2-3 hours away from Tokyo, this historic cultural centre is a compact experience of rural Japan. Because of Japan's world-class Shinkansen (bullet train) system, rural areas are easily accessible. This post will...more...
1|imageslimBarbara BuchananLV.1 196 2
Shaped like a wonky yo-yo floating in the sea off the west of Honshu, Sado Island is a place of drama. Centuries ago, the island was somewhere you were not expected to return from. Exile there was nearly as bad as a death sentence. A deposed emperor, poet and Noh artist were among those who made ...more...
1|imageslimJessica KozukaLV.2 694 3
Hey, music fans! Only about a week to go until Fuji Rock, Japan's largest outdoor music festival. If you are headed to the wilds of Niigata for three days of muddy musical madness, we've got some tips to make sure you party like a pro. Fuji Rock Tent City -- Photo from Wikipedia by Jmills74 1. G...more...
1|imageslimEmma ParkerLV.12 128 6
In an ongoing series of mini-posts we ask our most passionate Odigo writers “What is your Japan? ” in words and photos.My Japan Is…My Japan can be found along the backstreets and in rural hamlets, in artisans’ workshops and around my neighbours’ kotatsu (Japanese style heated low table). My Japan...more...
1|imageslimOdigo TravelLV.67 68 2
Transportation in Yahiko and the surrounding areas is very different from the fast-paced capital city Tokyo. Trains and buses are few and far between (see here for more information), and many must-see destinations are located outside downtown Yahiko. A car is highly recommended in order to experi...more...