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Japan is famous for having its own particular food for each of its 47 prefectures.  Some foods are well known and served all across Japan; others are prefecture specific and only available there. This makes visiting each prefecture even more exciting, as you get to enjoy some culinary treats that...more...
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Japan's most southern islands, the Yaeyama islands, are a popular travel destination for vacation hungry locals, as well as international visitors. And their popularity is easily explained: seemingly endless sandy beaches, crystal clear water, sunshine, lush flowers  and subtropical climate. One ...more...
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When you think of Okinawa, you think of endless sandy beaches, crystal clear water, summer, sunshine and island spirit. But did you know that there is a hidden paradise within the paradise? A paradise for coffee lovers? A place where you can smell the divine scent of freshly ground coffee on a wa...more...
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When an Okinawan friend sends love, it comes in the form of one or more (or all, if you're extremely lucky) of these ten local favorites. Our family visited Okinawa about a year and a half ago where we savored these treats locally. Our trip was long past, and then a friend suddenly sent  a box pa...more...
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A five-day tour is recommended for your first trip to Okinawa. However, much of your time will probably be spent traveling from one place to another since Okinawa’s public transport is not very convenient. There is the monorail train in Naha, though you can also take the express bus if you wish t...more...
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Okinawa is the southernmost island in Japan, consisting of the main Okinawa Island, Miyako Islands, and Yaeyama Islands. It is closer to Taiwan than it is to the Japan mainland. Unlike Tokyo and Osaka, Okinawa is not known for its developed economy, nor is it like Hokkaido and Kyoto which are po...more...
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Closer to Taiwan than to Tokyo, Okinawa's Yaeyama Islands have a tropical rainforest climate, a wealth of natural beauty, and a laid-back island culture that draws inspiration from China as well as Japan. Boat Tours are Popular at Kabira Bay -- Photo from Flickr cc by KzaralAn Affordable and Acc...more...