Ishigaki Island

Ishigaki Island has the highest mountain in Okinawa. ‘Umutodogi’ stands 526 meters tall. The island sits at the same latitude as Hawaii, and the sun shines all year around. It is a relaxed, sky-scraper free island with fine, soft sandy beaches. Sacrifice the urban atmosphere for the unpretentious Ryukyu lifestyle. Ninety percent of the residents live in Ishigaki City. The houses are built within enclosed walls, to protect residents during typhoon season. The most convenient transport option is to rent a bicycle or car. This will allow you to explore the jungle, mountains and white sand beaches at your leisure.

If you like, you can participate in water sports including snorkeling, diving and canoeing. Other attractions include Tamatorizaki Lookout, Uganzaki Lighthouse and Hirakubu Lighthouse. Go and soak in the views! And make sure you don’t miss Miyara Dunchi Gardens, where there is a Samurai style villa. This villa is the oldest building in Okinawa.

Ishigaki beef is the pride of the island. The famous Japanese wagyu originated here, with the cattle breed on the island. The taste is extraordinary and the meat is extremely tender. It is very popular among locals and tourists. It only takes ten seconds to roast on a coal fire, and will melt in your mouth.

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