Naha, is the capital city of Okinawa, and is in the southwest of Okinawa Island. Once a part of the ancient Ryukyu kingdom, Naha is a tropical paradise with blue sea and swaying palm trees. If you are interested in shopping, you’re in the right place – there is a central shopping avenue, and several shopping malls.

The city’s main street, kokusai-dori, is fondly nicknamed International Avenue. It stretches 1.6 kilometers and is bustling day and night, with stores, restaurants and bars. You can find all your favorite products, as well as local souvenirs including stone lion, sea salt and Okinawa brown sugar. If you venture off the main street, into one of the alleys, you will find more restaurants tucked away from the crowds. If you want to join the locals, head down to the Arcade and Makishi Public Market for fresh fish and other seafood.

In terms of getting around, there are a variety of options. Naha Airport offers domestic and international flights. The Okinawa monorail will take you to most of the tourist spots. If you take a train from Shuri station, you can head to the Gusuku sites and visit the home of the Ryukyu Kings.

From Yuquesta station, you can gaze out across the sea. Stop at Fukushuen station and you can enjoy the Chinese style garden and visit the Tsuboya Pottery Museum for beautiful ceramic products. Last but not least, from the central bus terminal, you can take a bus to the middle or north of Okinawa. If you prefer, you can rent a car.

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