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Located only a three-minute walk from Nakasu-Kawabata Station, & AND HOSTEL FUKUOKA is the perfect place to stay at for your Fukuoka trip.  Never mind the fact that it’s right smack in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Fukuoka; it also has a bar and restaurant in the lobby, comfy lou...more...
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Unlike Tokyo or Osaka, Fukuoka is not crowded and overflowed with tourists, making it a great city for a family trip in Japan.  Being one of the largest city in Japan, there are plenty of tourist spots for you to enjoy; however, each spot is easily accessible from one another, from temples, beach...more...
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Osaka is famous as the place to go to “eat till you drop” - or literally “kuidaore” in Japanese. In the Edo era it was also known as being the “kitchen” of Japan for being where a large amount of rice was stored in warehouses. Flour Power Today, the Dotonbori area is the place to head to for your...more...
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Do you know that Japan is Ferris Wheel fans' paradise? Among many, the highest one, of which height is 123 meters high, is located at Osaka Expocity in Osaka, which was opened in 2015. De 2016, we went to enjoy panoramic views and ...more...
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As the second largest city in Japan, Osaka is often compared to the capital city Tokyo—both popular travelling destinations in Japan. Despite some similarities, Osaka possesses a unique urban atmosphere, and only by being there can you explore and experience the uniqueness of Kansai.Osaka is dive...more...
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#Day1# The focus on your first day should be Osaka Castle Park and Umeda. Located in the downtown area, Osaka Castle Park is easily accessible and is close to other scenic spots. It is neighbors with the Osaka Museum of History, which exhibits cultural relics and items that relay the history of K...more...
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Osaka has four distinctive seasons, all of which are suitable for traveling all throughout the year. Spring and autumn, however, are the peak seasons. In spring, you can enjoy the dancing sakura. Locals refer to sakura appreciation as Hanami or “encountering sakura,” a favorite of both locals and...more...