Kyobashi is in the east of the Umeda area of Osaka. It connects Miyakojima Ward with Chuo Ward and is an area with high passenger volumes. JR Railways, Keihan Railways and the subway all go through Kyobashi Station, providing connections to other corners of Japan. With so many passengers, areas surrounding Kyobashi Station have developed into prosperous shopping streets. With Keihan Shopping Center at the forefront, there are numerous stores and restaurants.

With Neyagawa flowing to the south, Kyobashi station is surrounded by
the Osaka Business Park. This is home to many company headquarters, including the
skyscraper TWIN21 which is known as the “Osaka Twin-Towers”. The well-known
Osaka Castle Park is also close to Kyobashi Station, to the south. In addition to the
historic architecture of Tenshukaku, the large Osaka Castle Park is also a famous sakura
appreciation spot. You can see around 4,000 sakura trees blossoming from late March to
early April. Osaka Museum of History and Osaka Municipal Museum are also located