Namba is a bustling civilian district. There is easy access with the terminus of many railways including NANKAI Railway and Kintetsu Namba Line. There are also great shopping malls, restaurants and accomodation options here.

Namba Station is a convenient shopping area, with department stores like Osaka Takashimaya and large-scale Japanese electrical appliances mall LABI. The famous Dotonbori is also located nearby. A variety of Japanese cuisine is prepared here, including the famous Tao Le crab, puffer fish dishes and Osaka burned octopus balls. It is a veritable food paradise. If you are more interested in exploring the source of delicious Japanese cuisine, the Kuromon market is nearby. The market extends along a 600-meter stretch, with around 170 shops. It is the largest seafood market in Kansai.

There is a large theater near Namba, which has new Kabuki seats, but maintains the traditional Yamagata-style of the Tang Dynasty. You can enjoy traditional Japanese drama and kabuki here.

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