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招喚美少女戰士的粉絲!你曾經看過最新的美少女戰士嗎?我們先不管那不符合人體工學的超長美腿,也不要管漫長的「美少女戰士,變身!」過程,復刻版美少女戰士,至少完成了一件偉大的事情:讓90年代的動畫經典重返榮耀!Photo by 美少女戰士官網 當我第一次來到日本,就好像回到家一樣,因為這裡正是動漫的搖籃。而日本卡通描述著鄰近生活、家庭以及來自世界上不同地方的人們的故事,最終,它也成為了日本真實生活的一部分。以下是美少女戰士動畫中,從東京麻布十番區域獲得靈感的一些畫面。仙台坂上紅綠燈麻布十番建立於1962年,是鄰近於麻布

5 Real Life Anime Locations in Tokyo

The world's largest city has something to suit everyone. The gourmand, brand shopper, camera collector, history enthusiast, shoestring backpacker, retro gamers, and—yes—the anime fans (us otaku). Hidden amidst Tokyo's shimmering towers, concrete lego blocks an

Sailor Moon Real-Life Locations in Tokyo's Azabu-Juban

Calling all Sailor Moon fans! Have you watched the new Sailor Moon Crystal? Disproportionate limbs and tediously long transformations aside, the remake has done one thing really well: added contemporary animation's shine to a 90's childhood classic.Raised on a

How to...Kintsugi

Just broke your favourite cup? Before throwing it in the dustbin, consider it a golden moment to make your first kintsugi piece. Kintsugi is the Japanese craft of gold repairing by meticulously mending the broken fragments and tracing golden flakes along the f

14 Things to Know About Rural Japan

 1. Be flexible about business hoursLook for "営業中" in front of shops, which means they are currently open. -- Photo by Athena Lam Time has a different meaning in the rural areas. While websites may give specific opening times, sometimes shops close because an

10 Great Things to Do in Jimbocho

When the Meiji Restoration began, universities were one of the top priorities for Japan. Schools institutions mushroomed in the area known today as Jimbocho. As new ideas and technologies flooded into Japan, so too came the rush of bookshops that catered to th

10 Faces of Japan in Wheelchair Accessible Ginza

After a devastating fire in 1872, the Meiji government turned Ginza into a model area for modernization. Japan’s endearing wooden houses in narrow alleyways were replaced with pragmatic, European-style brick buildings flanking wide boulevards. Over a century l

What's Next for Kumamoto?

Just as everyone was tucking in on April 14, the first quake hit the city of Kumamoto. Even though the epicentre was deep, the shelves shook, the chandeliers swayed, the kitchenware rattled. The tremors continued through the night and the entire next day. The

Top 5 Trends for Web & Travel in Japan

Is Japan a hot destination for travel? The answer is an easy "yes"! The Odigo team went to the Web in Travel (WiT) Japan & North Asia 2016 conference to get the scoop on the latest travel trends.Photo and Image Text by Lauren ShannonThe event was a packed

Wheelchair Accessible Tokyo: 9 Transit Tips

Tokyo's urban rail network has 158 lines, 48 operators, 2,210 stations, excluding Shinkansen services. Complex is an understatement. The good news is, many of Tokyo's subway stations are wheelchair accessible, and many train stations are barrier-free. (Accessi

15 Unique Things about Hiking in Japan

Hiking is one of the most popular pastimes in Japan. It's no wonder really, as the country is said to be about 70% mountainous. But what makes hiking in Japan unique? Read on!1. Shrines (little ones along the way and big ones at the top) Shrine at Mount Takao