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Diego Rojas

A Colombian-born freelance photographer and writer living in Tokyo for the time being. I also call myself a Canadian because after 15 cold cold winters I think I've earned it. I am passionate about travelling but more so about learning from different cultures and people from all corners of the world. I never expected to live in Japan and the move came more as a surprise. But after a year living in this vibrating (in every sense of the word) island, I am certain that I am meant to be here. As a freelance photographerI I cover a wide range of events around the Tokyo area. You might also find me on the streets capturing the essence of Tokyo or looking for a newsworthy story for Corbis Images and Demotix. Feel free to contact me for any travel tips and photography work. Blog: Instagram/Twitter: @Eyefortheworld Safe and exciting travels!
 Joined : January 19th, 2015