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How to: Spend a day in Nakano - otaku paradise!

Following my article on how to experience Shibuya in just one day, I want to share my recommendations for another Tokyo neighborhood: Nakano. Inside Nakano Sun Mall, and out in the side streets.Nakano is located a few minutes west of Shinjuku and is easily acc

Surviving winter in Japan - the drugstore way

So, winter in Japan might sound amazing. Pretty snow landscapes, warming hotpots and all those holiday decorations. But winter here is cold, and I am talking really cold! Last year was my first time experiencing a whole winter season (from november to march) i

3 winter MUST-TRY drinks in Japanese vending machines!

Autumn is already here, and though some days offer around 22 degrees celsius and sun, the evenings are getting colder and you know that ’winter is coming!’Typical Japanese vending machine in winter.If you happen to be in Japan during the colder months you can

How to: Experience Shibuya in 1 day!

Shibuya is often considered the centre of Japanese fashion and entertainment and one of those places you think of when you picture Tokyo in your mind. Here you will find the famous crossing, a overwhelmingly amount of stores and brands, the cute Hachico statu

Tokyo Ramen Show 2017

It is the battle of the regional ramen when the 9th annual Tokyo Ramen Show takes places at Komazawa Olympic Park in Setagaya (south west Tokyo) at the end of this month!  Tokyo Ramen Show 2017. Image source: ramen bein

1000 Samurai warriors in Nikko!

This coming weekend (October 16th and 17th), if you happen to be in Japan and the Kanto area, you have the opportunity to attend a large festival and celebration held at Toshogu shrine in Nikko. The Shuki Taisai Grand Autumn Festival is a smaller version of th

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2017

Japanese matcha (green) tea, maybe you love it or maybe you don't. Either way, the Japanese tea ceremony (sado or chanoyu in Japanese) is an art form in itself and to experience sado preformed by a master or someone training in the way of tea is something spec

Shotengai - experience daily life in Japan

If you find yourself in Japan, make sure to wander off the beaten track a little bit and you will find shotengai- a pedestrian street filled with traditional shops. Here you will come across a wide variety of shops, cafés, restaurants, amusements and goods. P

Only in Japan: Coca Cola Coffee Plus!

Japan is famous for its weird snacks and drinks and love of limited editions, every now and then I find new flavors of soda (soft drinks) and the Starbucks limited edition drinks is a chapter of its own. In March the Coca Cola Plus with added fibre was launch

Why you should visit Japan during autumn!

Japan is one of the most interesting countries to visit that I know of, here the old buildings and traditions are blended with modern skyscrapers and high-tech. If you get the opportunity to go then by all means take it! As a Japanophile and avid traveler (now

3 amazing gardens to visit while in Tokyo.

If there is one thing I love to do while in Japan it is to visit gardens, preferably the older Japanese traditional ones. When I first stepped fot in Tokyo, in 2010, one of my first outings was to one of Tokyo's oldest gardens: Koishikawa Korakuen. Even though

Izakaya - Japan's best way to eat and drink.

One of the best ways of trying Japanese food and drinks while in Japan is to visit an izakaya, the Japanese version of a pub. You can find these establishments all around Japan, even in the smallest cities and towns and many act as a kind of "second home" to t

Gluten-free AND vegan RAMEN in Tokyo.

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you might have a bit of a tricky time while visiting Tokyo. Sure, there are a few all vegan restaurants and more and more places have started to offer vegetarian options- but if it's ramen you are after you don't have a lot

Tokyo cheap eats: BEST meals under 500 yen!

If it's one thing you hear time and time again it's the "fact" that Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Though you can find some of the worlds most expensive things here, traveling to Tokyo doesn't have to be that expensive. Depending on wh

Starbucks Japan's MUST-TRY seasonal drinks!

Have you ever been to a Starbucks? How about a Starbucks in Japan?  One of the things I absolutely love about Japan is the attention to detail and season, the way that the Japanese celebrate a new season with decorations and special items is something I haven

How to get high quality sushi, cheaper!

The most delicious, yet cheap, sushi. 12 pieces at a high quality place in Utsunomiya (Tochigi) ¥1100 Japan, home of sushi and sashimi, is often wrongfully accused of being super expensive. Sure, you can find super expensive things here; like strawberries or