Traveling Kyushu

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In my last article, I talked about the beautiful Shimabara castle and all it had to offered. However, Shimabara Castle isn’t the only interesting thing you will find in town. There is also a little hidden gem within the city that is listed in the “Registered Monuments of Japan”.  This is the beau...more...
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Castles are a key aspect of Japanese culture.  Each one is unique in its own way, revealing a tiny glimpse in to the past. Kyushu is no different. It has a bunch of different castles all throughout the island. One such castle is Shimabara Castle, and it was actually the first place I visited whil...more...
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Being one of the more rural parts of Japan, Kyushu has some experiences you just can’t get in any of the big cities like Tokyo or Osaka. One of my favorites is the amazing Nagasaki Bio Park. This little zoo is unique in the fact it allows you to go into most of the exhibits and join the animals. ...more...
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I’m sure you have heard of amusement park giants like Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Osaka. These are amazing amusement parks as well as cultural hubs of Japan. However, what if I told you there was another amusement park just waiting to be explored in the far west of Japan.  A Dutch theme...more...
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Nagasaki has to be one of the most unique and culturally significant cities in all of Japan. Did you know that it is one of the only cities in Japan not to have a castle? Or that is has the 3rd best night-view in the world? Or how about it was the only city to allow foreigners during the isolatio...more...