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In Japan Easter 2018 tastes like Banana!?!

In Japan Kit Kat is very well known because of all their different flavors and limited-time offers. The newest Kit Kat for the Easter season was just released and has a very unique flavor. Easter Break for KitKat! Easter is actually not that popular in Japan.

McDonald’s Japan’s new French Fries with Bolognese Sauce – and if they are worth a try!

Over the last years McDonald’s Japan was always pretty creative with their serving their French Fries. The offered them with purple sauce, chocolate pumpkin sauce and more. This time they combined the potato sticks with Italian-styled Bolognese Sauce and I gav

Three Spots to Enjoy the Early Cherry Blossoms

The end of March and the beginning of April is one of the most popular travel seasons for foreigners in Japan. The main reason: Sakura! The beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming all over the country and some places get very crowded. But what can you do, when

Odawara Castle Winter Sakura Illumination

Odawara is always a nice spot for a day trip from Tokyo. Using the limited express train Romancecar from Odakyu Line starting in Shinjuku you can have an relaxed trip to Odawara that only lasts about 70~80 minutes.  Even though it is a day trip for most people

First Spring Feelings in Japan: Coca Cola Peach and Sakura Bottle are released now

Japan is famous for their time-limited editions of food and drinks, and especially for some companies everyone is excited what they will release next. Since spring is coming soon, the cherry blossom time is becoming a topic more and more - and Coca Cola made t

Korilakkuma Café is back to Harajuku this Winter

What would Japan be without its character-themed cafes? To not get bored these cafés are often only time limited and changing nearly every month. One of the main characters for themed cafés is Rilakkuma opening several cafés spread over the year. Right now it

Tama Center Illumination 2017

Winter time and especially the time around Christmas is the perfect timing for displaying illumination around the streets – for sure, also in Japan. This week I visited the illumination in Tama Center, located in the outer Western part of Tokyo. Tama Center is

d47 Museum Shibuya: Problem to Product Gift Exhibition

Japan is split in 47 prefectures and for sure every prefecture has its own problems. It is always a difficult way to find solutions, but if there is one they often result in something great. At the current exhibition at d47 Museum in Shibuya, you can find 47 p

Five Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Christmas Time in Japan

Christmas time is the best time of the year. Yes, also in Japan where the Christians population is a minority with only around 1% of the people living in the country. However, because Japanese people like to adopt Western festivals and traditions, Christmas is

Rilakkuma Goyururi Kyoto – Explore the ancient capital with the cute characters!

Rilakkuma is one of the most famous characters in Japan nowadays. New product lines are released regularly, time-limited restaurants are always crowded and new product collaborations are coming up more and more. The hype around the cute brown bear and its smal

Dream Collaboration - KitKat meets Tokyo Banana

It sounds too good to be true, but two of the most famous sweets souvenir from Japan met up on a great collaboration. On one hand we have the fluffy yummy cake in banana shape and taste called Tokyo  Banana. On the other hand we have KitKat, the famous chocola

Tax Free Shopping in Japan – A Way to save Money on your Trip!

In October 2014 Japan made some changes in their tax free shopping system, which makes shopping for tourists very interesting. And tell me, who doesn’t want to save money while you are traveling? Here you find all important information you need to enjoy tax fr

Autumn Beauty in Tokyo Area

Japan is a country filled with beautiful nature. Next to the cherry blossoms in spring, especially autumn is a great season to see the autumn foliage. Many trees turn yellow, orange and red and the views can be breathtaking. But what happens when your travel t

12 Hours in Hakone – Autumn Special

Hakone is a really nice area in Kanagawa prefecture and is perfect for a daytrip from Tokyo. For sure, you can go there every time around the year, but every season has its special atmosphere and highlights. Now, with October ending, let us take a look how to

Celebrate Halloween with Starbucks

Starbucks Japan is well-known for their different versions of Frappuccino drinks which are released for a limited time constantly. It's Halloween time and we are shortly before all the big parties will start off this weekend. The perfect timing for Starbucks t

Scary Halloween Time at the Universal Studios Japan

Halloween is a big topic in Japan. Not originally coming from there, they adapted a lot of traditions and starting from September you can find everything you need for your own Halloween party. Even many food chains and branches go with the Halloween theme and

Now you can buy Sailor Moon merchandise in Harajuku anytime!

Sailor Moon was one of the anime in my childhood I liked the most. Now it is already celebrating its 25th anniversary with many special events. One of these is the opening of the first permanent Sailor Moon Store in Harajuku. I have been there to take a look a

ART AQUARIUM 2017: A combination of art and goldfishes!

Already back in 2007 artist Hidetomo Kimura started his unique art aquarium project. In 2011 the ART AQUARIUM was held at Nihonbashi as a summer event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous bridge. The event was very popular, is now repeated every ye

Dive into the World of Virtual Reality in Shinjuku

On July 14 the VR Zone Shinjuku opened its doors to all people who love games and want to dive into a completely new world with the virtual reality technique. Let us take a look on this unique entertainment center. via What is VR? Fi

Look into another world at the MINIATURE LIFE exhibition (limited time only!!)

Have you ever heard about the miniature calendar? Already some years ago the Japanese man Tatsuya Tanaka started making impressive miniature pictures and uploaded them on his SNS accounts. These pictures often include very daily things like different kinds of

A Fun Time with the Osaka Amazing Pass

Osaka is one of the most popular places in Japan to be visited by foreign tourists next to Tokyo and Kyoto. There are many things to see and to do – and there is an amazing way to save money while your sightseeing tour in Osaka: let’s us the OSAKA AMAZING PASS

Exploring Kamakura: The Beauty of Ajisai at Meigetsu-in

Meigetsu-in temple is a rather small temple in the northern part of Kamakura. However, especially in June until the beginning of July it becomes very popular with tourists. Why? Because at this time of the year hydrangeas are blooming all over the temple groun

Not only for Business People! Stay on a budget in Japan’s Business Hotels

If you are going on a trip, the costs for accommodations are always a big point on the budget list. Hotels can be super expensive, when you are staying at ones which are there for relaxing, fun and the typical holiday feeling. They include different meals and

Eating cheap at Kaiten Zushi restaurants in Japan

Talking about Japan, sushi often is THE food to eat. So why not trying out sushi on your trip to Japan? There are many traditional sushi restaurants, which are specialized and where real sushi chefs are working. However, a visit there might become super expens

Flying Penguins at the Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro

Sunshine City is one of the top spots you should visit when you are in Tokyo’s district Ikebukuro. The commercial complex is huge and includes many facilities for shopping, restaurants, theme parks like J-World and Namja Town and even an observatory, planetar

The Magic of Japanese Summer Firework Festivals

The summer of Japan is filled with events and festivals. Firework festivals belong to the highlights of this time of the year and you can find them everywhere around Japan. So let us take a look together and find out what you can experience when visiting a Jap

Exhibition: 20th Anniversary of Arina Tanemura

Arina Tanemura (種村有菜) published her first manga in 1997 and is still doing it up to now. Some of her works got international success, just talking of mangas like Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Time Stranger Kyoko, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Shinshi Doumei Cross and Idol

Two new seasonal KitKat: Strawberry Cheese Cake and Cookies & Cream

I'm a real freak about Japanese KitKat and my goal is to try as many sorts as possible for me. I already tried 30 different sorts of KitKat. So, Nestle is regularly releasing new seasonal KitKat sorts. Seasonal means, they are only available for a limited time

Neko no Mise – one of the oldest cat cafés in Japan!

The cat café NEKO NO MISE (ねこのみせ) was opened in 2005. With this it belongs to the oldest cat cafés in Japan, it even claims to be the first one in Kanto area. Looking to its long history, for me as a cat lover and often cat café visitor, it was a good reason t