Another time lost in Japan

Claudia's Tips

"Great view from above for a lot of money, however it is pretty difficult to find the right weather. Days with clear sky are best, but not always give you a view to far away Mt. Fuji. Before going up check the newest photos on instagram to get a hint how much you can see that day. "

2017-05-29 13:15:34 - Tokyo Skytree

"Directly on the way to Himeji castle and a good place to stop by if you are a fan of the cute kitten character. The food was delicious and you even could take some things with you. "

2017-05-12 01:29:49 - Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty

"Himeji Castle is really amazing, however, because of this too many tourists are there. Try to go there early!! When I was there around 11 am I already needed to walk in line inside the castle. "

2017-05-12 01:27:05 - Himeji Castle

"A great theme park when you are interested in Edo period. All the staff members are wearing costumes, you can watch a lot of shows (Ninja, Oiran, ...) and even try out some games. Also the food there was pretty good. Highlight is wearing on of the costumes, just like Kimono, Ninja or samurai outfit. However, this is a bit pricy. I also was told that foreigners are not allowed to use the Japanese wigs there, what made me a bit sad. At least they made my hair a bit. "

2017-05-11 02:01:55 - Edo Wonderland

"A great place for One Piece fans. We went there early and were within the first 5 visitors of the day. The attractions are good for adults and children, however I mostly enjoyed the live show. I was suprised you can leave and enter again on the same day through getting a stamp on the exit. So you can have lunch at Mugiwara Café or Sanji's Restaurant and then go back to the indoor-park again. "

2017-05-11 01:54:35 - Tokyo One Piece Tower

"Went there with a bus tour and it is really impressive to see the pink fields and mount Fuji. However, it is really crowed. Try to avoid weekends and Golden Week when you are planing to go there. They had a lot of food stands with limited dishes which looked really nice. "

2017-05-11 01:48:28 - Fuji Shibazakura Festival

"I like lolita fashion, but there are two problems: 1) Most brands don't fit my larger size 2) The famous brands are too expensive wanting at least 25,000 Yen for a dress. . Bodyline solves both problems, they have a lot clothes in larger sizes and there prices are really cheap, though quality of the dresses is ok, only lace sometimes looks cheap. . It's pretty loud inside the shop with the jpop music. And you can't try the dresses on, the only bad point in my eyes..."

2017-05-06 01:19:34 - BodyLine (Harajuku)

"I'm a big fan of 100 yen shops and even so there are many around Japan, I always like to drop by this big one in Harajuku. There you can find some things you can't find in the smaller brand shops. Only thing annying: it is always too crowded... Found these cool paper craft sets last time ♥"

2017-05-06 01:13:43 - Daiso Harajuku

"Koraku-en Garden is really a very huge and beautiful garden. It took me some time to see everything, such as green tea plants, lakes with koi carps, small mountains, bridges, beautiful flowers and a lot more. I totally understand why it belongs to the most beautiful gardens in Japan. Also the view to Okayama Castle is nice. If you plan to visit both locations definately get the combi ticket to save some yen. "

2017-04-28 02:05:18 - Koraku-en Garden

"Inside the castle I could were a Kimono for free and take some photos, which was a great experience. Also the staff working at this corner was very nice. The café inside Okayama Castle was featured in an episode of Detective Conan, so if you are a fan, stopp by there! "

2017-04-28 02:00:59 - Okayama Castle

"Definately worth a visit. It was so interesting to see all these architectural styles and especially to be able to take a look inside. Also the bath house and different kinds of shops are decorated so neatly! You can really plunge into the old times. Be aware it might be better to wear shoes you can easily get in and out, if you plan a visit to this open air museum, because you have to take them off at most of the buildings."

2017-04-10 13:52:10 - Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

"I have been there on a Sunday around lunch time. It was pretty full and most costumers were foreigners. Haven't seen so many foreigners at one place for a while. We needed to wait around 20 minutes. The order system via a touch screen on your seat is cool and you can switch it to different languages. The food will run to you on one of the three lanes. It's quit good, not the best stuff I ever had, but ok for the cheap price. And you have a varity to choose from - not only sushi, but also side dishes like french fries, udon, fried chicken, desserts and more. I tried some of the unique sushis with cheese hamburger and beef steak. "

2017-04-09 11:05:27 - Uobei (Shibuya Dogenzaka)

"I went there on a weekday in the begining of April 2017 when the cherry blossoms were nearly in full bloom. The combination of canal, cherry blossoms and lanterns is really beautiful. However, it was very crowded around the Naka-Meguro station area, it gets better when you walk a bit up or down the canal. Don't miss visiting the Meguro Fudōson Ryūsenji temple a short walk away from Meguro River. "

2017-04-05 03:05:23 - Meguro River

"I really enjoyed walking around the squirrel area with all the little houses and feeding the animals. They are very cute and come close to you if you have food for them. However, minus point for the other area with small animals such guinea pigs, rabbits and turtles. It looked dirty and the hamster cage was way to small for all the animals. I felt sorry for them..."

2017-02-25 01:43:11 - Machida Squirrel Garden

"Great castle up the mountain with a lot to experience. Don't miss dressing yourself up into a samurai armor! "

2016-12-17 10:11:50 - Matsuyama Castle

"As a cat-woman I totally enjoyed going to Aoshima. Want to visit other cat islands of Japan in the future, too. If you go there, take care of the ferry times. There are normally only two ferries a day and you gonna spend some hours on the island if you take first ferry there and second ferry back. Take food and drinks for yourself without, because there is no place to buy sth on the island. You may also take cat food, but take care - cats go crazy if you give them food. We stayed at a hotel close to Aoshima port which was good decision. So we could go to the ferry quickly in the morning."

2016-12-17 10:06:32 - Aoshima Island (Cat Island)

"Try to avoid visiting the Pokemon Center on weekend and national holidays. It's filled up with children and you can't really enjoy your time there. So, try to come here around lunch or afternoon time on normal weekdays and you can take a relaxed look around."

2016-12-17 07:37:33 - Pokemon Center Yokohama