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Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge ChannelThe Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel is the world’s largest underground floor water diversion facility, built to withstand the water that rains down on the metropolitan area during flood season. It took 14 years to build th...more...
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Miso Potato Miso Potato, while junky at first site, is a rather difficult dish to make at home. Put simply, it is a baked potato with sweet miso sauce poured on top, similar to a western baked potato. Its origins are from the Chichibu region, and while it can be made with ingredients from home, ...more...
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Saitama is by far the easiest to get to in terms of transportation. Because it is right next to Tokyo, there is basically no need to take the airplane, as there is a largely developed train network going to and from Saitama and Tokyo. Train From Ikebukuro, you can take an express train and get to...more...
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Saitama is a great place to take a day trip from Tokyo, as it is very easy to go from your accommodation in your city, to Saitama to enjoy the whole day, and come back to your accommodation by nightfall. You can also stay the night in Saitama, as there are a variety of traditional ryokan to stay ...more...
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Hitsujiyama Park in Spring Hitsujiyama Park is best known for its beautiful Shibazakura that blossom during April and May. Shibazakura are different from regular sakura in that, rather than blossoming in trees, they blossom on the rolling hills in fantastic colors of pink, red, and white. During...more...
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There are essentially two reasons throngs of people go to the Chichibu Yomatsuri (Night Festival): 1. The grand floatsIt is one of the 32 Japanese festivals included in UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The six grand floats paraded in the festival have been designated significant tan...more...
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Sure there are many cozy nooks to listen to live jazz music in the city, but how about a jazz concert right in the middle of a thousand brilliantly red maple trees in one of Japan's most unusual parks? Once a year on a Saturday evening in late November is the most breathtaking jazz concert you wi...more...
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For four and a half years, we passed the sign to Chez Noir and ignored it, dismissing it as one of those cute little home cafes in the backwoods, only to find that the joke had been on us.From the outside, Chez Noir's ivy-covered facade looks only ever so slightly different from its neighboring h...more...
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If you're a foodie, Japan makes a brilliant spot for a vacation - there's so many tasty Japanese dishes to try out. Odigoer Johanna wrote about the 2017 Tokyo Ramen Show recently, and there's another event happening in a couple of weeks which may take your interest - the 2017 Udon Summit! The eve...more...
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One of the healthiest fast food available practically everywhere in Japan is soba (そば). Soba shops can be found at many train stations, sometimes nearby, sometimes inside, and sometimes right on the platform. Pay for your order at a ticket machine and get your order in a  minute or two, but rarel...more...