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Shijimi SoupShijimi Soup is probably the most simple old-school Japanese soup you can make (aside from miso soup, of course). It includes the broth of the Shijimi clam, and seasoned with some soy sauce and miso. It is a dish that has been common since the Edo period, and is known for being very c...more...
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Luck of the Irish in Spring And Irish festival? In Japan? You heard right. Each year in March, there is an Irish Festival complete with parades, drinking, and bagpipes as a celebration of Irish culture. This is due to the fact that a famous international writer, Lafcadio Hearn, lived and taught a...more...
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Shimane prefecture is perfect for those who want to learn and experience true traditional Japanese culture, be it art, religion or architecture, without the troubles of having to deal with a large number of tourists and crowded streets. Shimane is second-to-last in terms of population, which give...more...
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By Plane The main airport in Shimane is the Izumo Airport. There are several flights every day going from Haneda to Izumo, and from there, you can take a bus from the airport to Matsue Station, in about 30 minutes. Overall, the trip takes about 2 hours and is the quickest way to get to Shimane f...more...
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The best thing about Shimane is how close in proximity everything is. You can get from one end of the prefecture to the other in about 2 to 3 hours, and most of the tourist spots are relatively close together, making it a great destination for a one-day trip around.Day 1 Arrive at Matsue Station,...more...
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About the Oki Islands:  The Oki Islands are made up of about 180 islands, 4 of which are inhabited islands, which only consist of a combined population of around 23,000 people. They are about 40 to 80 kilometers off the north coast of Shimane Prefecture and formed the UNESCO Global Geopark from ...more...
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About Izumo: Izumo, a birthplace of myths and legends. As the legend goes, every November the Gods gather around Izumo from across the nation to celebrate this sacred area. Izumo is a city in Japan’s Shimane prefecture famous for the Izumo Grand Shrine and its handmade soba noodles, but there ar...more...