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Genki Sushi (Shibuya) Tips

It's a good place for visitors to try out sushi train. Don't have to worry about ordering as you can change different languages on the screen. Your order will send it through the sushi belt and then press a button and the tray will send back to the kitchen. Recommended to try out the pudding. It's fluffy soft and melts in your mouth! Overall it's a good place to hang out with friends and to taste the local sushi at a decent price.

Genki Sushi's a really fun sushi restaurant, that's cheap and easy for foreigners to visit. You order on a touchscreen then, when your sushi's ready, it zooms along, right to your place. If you order enough sushi, a rock-paper-scissors game appears on your screen, for a chance to win a discount or a small prize. You can switch the language to English on the touchscreen, so it's really easy to order. There's a really good range of sushi at very affordable prices, and several vegetarian options. It gets busy, and is popular with tourists, so you may need to wait outside for a table.