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Calbee Plus (Takeshita Street Harajuku) カルビープラス (原宿竹下通り店)

Opened in December 2011, this Harajuku branch of famous food maker Calbee offers a variety of snacks and limited-edition regional chips. The shop also serves chips straight from the fryer with a variety of toppings, including Salt&Butter, Double Cheese, and Royce Chocolate. In addition, it sells a range of branded paraphernalia.


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yum as chips can buy hot chips or with chocolate sauce . also gotta buy the harajuku hot&spicy flavour calbee chips

Definitely worth a try! There are so many different special flavours that are generally not sold outside. You can also get freshly cooked chips.
Good place to pick up some omiyage (souvenirs) to take back home and share with friends as well :)

Definitely try the chips with chocolate - it's that "weird but good" sweet + savory/salty combination!

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