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Shibuya Parco Tips

theres a store named kawaii maker shop, you can buy works like clothing stickers and postcards etc designed from local artist

Trendy shopping mall: reasonable priced goods.
Some exclusive designers from all around the world.
Awesome place to walk, shop, and eat.

They also have animae products called one piece.
There's a cute moose/dog.
I think he was breed in the lab: anyways still very cute.
Gachapon machines: put money in for whatever toy, souvenir of
pic, ramen, cat, dog, animae male/female character: you may like.

This manga lover's dream: tons and tons of manga.
Most shops accept credit cards.

The mall is small yet cozy, there is also a food court with a lot of tasty foods. What also exists here is the funabashi cafe.

Shibuya Parco is a fun mix of Japanese trendy fashion and pop culture all in one place! I like that there are not only pop-up cafes but also pop-up stores from fashion brands. They usually offer special edition items or menu dishes just for the pop-up location. There is always something new to see and explore. From time to time, there are promotional events for brands outside the mall. Usually, you can take part in a fun activity, get some cute pictures, or get a free present. Since the range of fashion and food is so wide, there is something for everyone. My favorite restaurant in this mall is DEN Rokuen-Tei. Located on the 8th floor of Parco 1, this is definitely a place to check out for Japanese-food lovers. They offer separate menus for lunch and dinner, but their dinner menu is definitely the best. Try their Wagyu Roast Beef, it includes a long plate with thin slices of beef with a savory sauce.