Don Quijote (Akihabara)

ドン・キホーテ 秋葉原店

4-3-3 Sotokanda
upload by Odigoer


Don Quijote is a national discount chain store that sells a variety of products ranging from food, alcohol, beauty products and costumes to name but a few!


4-3-3 Sotokanda

January - December
Monday - Sunday: 00:00-05:00, 10:00-24:00



Kim Dao

One of the bigger DonQuijote stores, they have multiple floors for shopping and also have a game center as well as the AKB48 Cafe inside. Make sure you show your passport for tax free at the tax free counter to save 8%


Just another Donki shop.

Tanya Charron

Really amazing place where you can find almost anything! The food section is quite wide so you're sure to find something to bring back for friends.


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