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Don Quijote (Akihabara) Tips

Dreams are made or broken here, everything you could possibly imagine from horrible t-shirt slogans to halloween costumes to food to luggage to male masturbators, Akiba Don Quijote has it all and is open late. It truly lives up to the legend.
p.s. go here with an open mind.

Come here to find all of the wacky, crazy, and funny products and food you could ever want or need. Great for gifts to bring home for friends or yourself.
You might get absolutely lost in this multi-floor complex of goods

One of the bigger DonQuijote stores, they have multiple floors for shopping and also have a game center as well as the AKB48 Cafe inside. Make sure you show your passport for tax free at the tax free counter to save 8%

Just another Donki shop.

Really amazing place where you can find almost anything! The food section is quite wide so you're sure to find something to bring back for friends.

I think you can find anything and everything here. We went looking for some anime merchandise but found ourselves extremely overwhelmed with this store. Still, it was a very interesting experience.

If you have that one friend that asked for you to bring them back something 'weird' from japan, you'll probably find it here!

Donki has pretty much everything you need, and the Akiba store is one of the better ones in Tokyo.

This mega-shop of weird and wonderful things is a shopper's paradise, and it's cheap to boot! While you can find everday items such as shampoo, soap, home cleaning supplies,etc... You can also find food and drinks as well as clothing, electronics, luxury items and even home furnishings. This is also a cheap place to get some cosplay items and any fun items that cannot be found outside of Japan, at a good price.