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Sunshine City Tips

Quite a hot-spot, it can get very crowded on the weekends. I made the mistake of stopping by during a big Pokemon event and decided to go somewhere less packed.

Large shopping mall with 2 indoor amusement park Namjatown and J-World, for those who like anime and manga. There is also a beautiful aquarium. A nice spot to spend if one of those Japan visiting days was a rainy day.

a mall with almost everything ,perfect to buy clothes and gifts also has 2 indoor theme parks

This mall is HUGE. Every time a female friend visits Tokyo, I take them to Sunshine City to one shop called Axes Femme. If you like cute clothes or the lolita aesthetic, you should definitely check it out, as this is the only branch in Tokyo. I also highly suggest the pokemon center as well as Namja town or J-world if you are interested in Japanese anime/manga.

Sunshine City-- definitely a world in a world on all on it's own! You can find a whole bunch of attractions in here: food, shopping, a mini amusement center (namja town), and there's even an aquarium and planetarium! If you really want to see and experience a good amount of sunshine city, set aside a good amount of time and wear comfy shoes.

Great food, clothing stores, and even character themed shops! Sunshine city is a great place to shop!

There are many food stores here and the famous pokemon centre and Jworld! You cant miss this mall😊

We got here as it was closing, so the only thing still open was the Pokemon Center. Which was massive and managed to get several thousand yen from us. What a mysterious place...

A couple of tips:
1) The Pokemon Store is located on the 2F of Sunshine city
2) There's also J-world if you're interested in an indoor Anime Theme Park
3) Lots of great food

The place has an incredible, and I mean incredible, selection of restaurants to try from.