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Shibuya 109 Tips

Trendy shops with jewellery, shoes and clothes. The top floor has a Sanrio shop too! A bit pricey.

i love japan
and tokyo

There's a Mens-centered 109 called 109 Mens just around the corner that offers quite a wide array of men's' fashion.

A must for the inner shopaholics. This shopping mall features trendy Japanese brands, and some foreign brands as well.

best place to buy trendy brand clothes, new pop up store or events really frequently but prepare to wait hours and hours for pop up/events

Worth checking out, a tower of amazing J-brands but none of the stores are cheap.

If you are interested in shopping for popular Japanese brands then this is the place to visit! So many floors with so many styles in the one place. If you are lucky you might see some gyaru girls!

The perfect place to go if you are after Japanese brands. They have the latest fashion trends here! It's a must go during the sale seasons as you can get a lot of clothes for really affordable prices. The original prices for most store aren't cheap however as almost all the stores here are Japanese brand stores.

Where you can get tons of fashionable clothes, and cheap places to eat including 99 yen store within that area.
electronics, accessory stores that sell earrings, necklaces, head bands, hair ties,
jewellery, all assortment of food.

This is a shopping mecca: they have all sorts of styles and price points; for variety of shoppers, so look around, do your research and you will find what your looking for.
They have a daiso here too.

Many of my J-brand favorit shops in one building!