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Hikarie Tips

Good experience

Dine with a great view: On the 8th floor: Creamy ice cream parfait, along with Japanese green tea, enjoy the view, with a lovely dining experience,
There are many restaurants within this mall, so after all that clothing shopping,
take a rest and recharge your energy with delicious tasting Japanese cuisine.

Beautiful department store. There's also a musical theatre at the top of hikarie.

good for shopping place👍🏻

A lot of cool shops but often over priced

Not only a bunch of cute stores here, but lots of great eateries too, and cute coffee shops if you need a caffeine hit and some cake to power you through your shopping trip!

One of my favorite dept stores in all of Japan. It has a nice combination of a fancy look with a very good variety of different stores.

Hikarie is a vibrant, multi-use, modern building full of food and fashion stores. It's also home to exhibitions or fashion shows and there is a sky lobby on the 11th floor where you can take in a birds eye view of Shibuya. Seminar, workshop and co-working space is available here. Hikarie sits above the Shibuya subway station and train lines can be accessed directly from the escalators in the building. In rainy or too hot weather this is a great place to go to see interesting things, shop and have a bite to eat.

There’s a whole other side of Shibuya that many don’t know about, and Shibuya Hikarie is the perfect example of that. Located on the East Side of Shibuya station, Shibuya HIkarie is a 43-story, multi-use tower that was recently opened in 2012. Contrary to Shibuya’s reputation as youth mecca (which it no doubt is), Shibuya Hikarie’s retail operations are targeted towards a more mature working women. Beauty, fashion, and lifestyle goods shopping are hosted on Floors B1 – 5F, and two floors of cafes and restaurants can be found on the 6th and 7th floor (there’s also some food shops in the basement, which also offers direct access to Shibuya subway lines).

What is most interesting about Hikarie is that it is not only a retail and commercial establishment, but a cultural space as well; floors 8 and 9 have Shibuya and Tokyo-centric exhibitions and centers, a large hall, and an observation area with ample space and seating. Finally, The Tokyu Theatre Orb, a large theater space, is on floors 11F-116F. So even if you are not that late 20’s – mid 30s female office worker demographic that HIkarie is targeting, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting here … and the view is great!

From the outside, the Hikarie building kind of looks like any other high-end shopping skyscraper in Tokyo. But it does have a few features that make it stand out from the other cookie-cutter malls: the luxurious bathrooms for the ladies and the themed floors. Each of the 6 floors have a theme such as "Relax" or "Thrill" instead of being divided into departments. The ladies restrooms (called "Switch Rooms") located on B3-5F are ultra-spacious powder rooms that allow one to "switch" their mood from work to rest or vice versa (my wife informed me of this!).

In addition to the shopping, there is also a concert hall and even a movie theater location on the top floors. Access to Hikarie is simple as it is connected to exit 15 of Shibuya station and to the Metro underground. Many large corporations such as KDDI have offices on the top floors as well as Tokyo Fashion Week being headquartered here.