Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building


Nishishinshuku 2-8-1
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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tochō) is located in Shinjuku. It has the benefit of an observation deck which is free for anyone to visit. When the weather is just right during the day, you can see Mount Fuji. It's also pretty at night when you can see the lights of the city twinkling below you, and even Tokyo Tower glowing in the distance.

Angie Rin

Beautiful view from the observatory on the top floor! Free and definitely worth a shot! It's a short walk from the station and located on the west side of Shinjuku,

Kim Dao

This place is a must visit as you can get the same view from Tokyo Tower or the Sky Tree for free! It is located in Shinjuku (about a 10 minute walk from Shinjuku station). At busy times there is a little bit of a line but it goes by quickly. Depending on what tower you go in, they have different souvenir stores.

Alya F

View is amazing from either towers. Admission is free.


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