Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building


Nishishinshuku 2-8-1
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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Tochō) is located in Shinjuku. It has the benefit of an observation deck which is free for anyone to visit. When the weather is just right during the day, you can see Mount Fuji. It's also pretty at night when you can see the lights of the city twinkling below you, and even Tokyo Tower glowing in the distance.

Tara Trujillo

Compared to the pricey observation decks, this one is AWESOME and free! Go at night for a truly awing experience, but do note that if you go passed 17:30, the south deck is closed. However, you can still visit the north deck until 23:00. I recommend going later, as the views are truly incredible.
Another tip, if it's dark out and you're on the north deck, your camera flash is useless. I know it seems obvious, but you wouldn't believe the amount of people using their camera flash. I'm sure all you'll end up with is a large glare from the glass!

Adlyn Nakamura

On clear days, you're able to see Mt. Fuji.

Both towers (north and south) offer the same view, but different shops.

Maggie Tomato

Admission is absolutely FREE!!! I definitely recommend going there at night time - the view is stunning. (The view is a lot better in real life, compared to in the pictures). Great service as well.

There is a cafe and a souvenir shop on the sight-seeing floor. There is one purikura machine also - great for for memos.


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