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Senso-ji Temple Tips

A complete must-see when visiting Tokyo, but just be prepared for the crowds, especially during the summer. It can be quite overwhelming. However, me and my friends were staying in the area and were able to return during the evening, and I'd totally recommend that! It was peaceful and calm, and with the temple and pagoda lit up it was still breath-taking.

Another one of those must-see locations in Tokyo. Asakusa is a great area to visit anyway, but this temple is one of the highlights. It is always busy, early morning and early evening are slightly less so.

I would recommend going to Senso-ji early, before noon, since it's a famous temple with lots of visitors everyday. It's an unique experience and the charms they sell at the temple make good souvenirs.

Come by at night to see everything light up! New Year's and other festivals have delicious traditional fair food. You can really fill up!

Brace yourself for the huge crowd for it is a popular tourists destination in Japan. The street going to the main temple has a lot of things to offer. You can buy here a souvenir. At the temple, you can lay your prayers and wishes. At the side you can also read your future.

If you need omiyage (souvenir snacks) you can buy them here for cheap.
The main gate is currently under construction but the main temple is still exposed.

Go early here to avoid crowd if you want to feel solemn. Buy lucky charms for you to bring home.

A must if you are visiting Tokyo. It does get extremely crowded, so go early in the morning when it is slightly less crowded.
Make sure to get a fortune (which has an English translation!!!)

I recommend you to buy some good luck charm from this place for you souvenir to bring back home. It sells various types of good luck charms with different purposes, such as health, love, wish come true, etc.
Once you enter the main gate (Kaminarimon Gate), I suggest you to walk pass Nakamise-dori and visit the temple first. After that, you can go back and walk along Nakamise-dori and try some of popular street food along the way back to the main gate.

I loved this place as it is a great way of experiencing Japanese culture like omikuji (japanese fortune). It was a great experience and I totally recommend it!