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Kabuki-za Tips

Very beautiful building...
Open by (10:00AM-6:00PM)
Should go there if u have chance....

A very beautiful building, but there are many people when i was there, maybe because of hot season.

Beautiful building to see- similar to a temple. Surrounded by tall building and skyscrapers, you cant miss it.

If you don't want to stick around 3-4 hours for a full performance (but kudos to you if you do), you can buy a single act ticket on site. Also, this theater has English text guides available for rent- a must if your Japanese isn't the strongest.

Every month, there're Kabuki shows. In Japan, there're a couple of Kabuki theaters. Among them, this is the most authentic place. Normally there're two performances in a day; Daytime: 11:00– Night time: 16:30–. If you just want to watch it a little bit, I would suggest you to buy "Hitomaku Miseki" ticket; special seats and standing-only space in the galley for people who only intend to watch a part of performance. You can buy this ticket around 500JPY-2000JPY, depending on popularity of performance. For all the performance, you can understand the story by borrowing a language earphone. During Kabuki performance, you cannot take a photo or video.

Single act tickets are a great way to get a taste of kabuki theater for about 2,000 yen. You will need to line up about an hour before same day ticket sales for your desired section begins and then return about 30 minutes before the start time so you will have time to explore the area and have a meal.
The first 60 people in line will get unassigned seats and about another 60 will be sold a ticket but it will be standing room. When it's time for you to line up for your section the ticket holders will line up (on the second floor) in ticket number order 30 minutes before the start and everyone will file in so it really pays off to have an early spot in line buying tickets.
There is a great ramen restaurant in the basement across the street from the theater. Also, I recommend getting a subtitle translator in the theater if you want to follow the story. You pay 1,500 yen and get 1,000 back when you return the device.
There is nearby shopping of all sorts and a wonderful bazaar down the escalator to the train station. Subway is also very close. Parking is available in several places at hourly rates with 2,500 yen maximum.

Insider tip -- The theater has a lovely rooftop garden on the 4th floor, next to the museum. Definitively worth going if you like skylines and cute kids wearing kimonos.

Kabuki-za is the only Kabuki theatre in Japan that has shows every month. Although a Kabuki program has many acts, you can also purchase a Single Act ticket if you just want a taste of traditional Kabuki theater.