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Akihabara Station 秋葉原駅

Akihabara station is a large transit station with 8 JR lines and several other train lines crossing here. It is also the gateway to Akihabara Electric Town, a shopping district for anything electronic or manga and anime related.


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I planned to explore Akihabara when it suddenly started raining so I ran into this station for shelter. To my surprise, it was practically like a giant mall! As you enter this station, there is a store to the right that has several floors. I managed to explore that one store for nearly 2-3 hours and still didn't finish exploring. Not to mention they sold really affordable chocolates that make great souvenirs.

Extremely extensive and crowded. Be sure to arrive a little early to find your way around. Amazing station though, lots to offer before you even get into the neighborhood itself.

Very accessible and dont be scared to ask the people qorking there for directions. They are extremely helpful

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秋葉原 AKB48主題咖啡館

秋葉原這裡最有人氣的咖啡館一定是AKB咖啡館。在高達咖啡廳的隔壁。店鋪門口常年有AKB粉絲在排隊等著進去,因為秋葉原是日本女子偶像團體AKB48的發源地,如果運氣好的話,甚至可以在AKB48咖啡廳見到AKB48的成員。咖啡店內定期會把AKB成員相關的料理進行改進後,放入店內的菜單上。一旦當本命...Read more

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Gundam Café

如果是夜晚從JR線的秋葉原電氣街出口向右拐,就能看到右手邊不遠處有一個亮著白光的店鋪,不用走近也能看出來店鋪上方那明顯的高達標識。2010年,為了紀念鋼彈系列誕生30周年,在秋葉原開設了這家鋼彈咖啡。自開業以來,每天都有無數狂熱的鋼彈粉絲前來朝聖。咖啡廳分成兩大部分,左邊為餐廳,右邊為物販區,...Read more

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Akihabara Electric Town Gate

Akihabara is considered as the mecca for otaku. It is a wide shopping district for games, anime, manga and computer goods. Famous characters of ani...Read more

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Sega Akihabara

Six plus floors of video games and 'ufo catcher machines'. Situated right in the heart of Akihabara with character themed staff.Read more

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エックス 秋葉原本店

秋葉原中非常出名的一家公仔店,無論是新作還是二手公仔這裡都一應俱全。 店內的商品擺放也非常科學,至少沒有普通街邊的公仔店看上去那麼亂,可以讓人靜下心來靜靜挑選。 商品基本上都是帶盒子的,所以不用擔心帶回去的問題。需要注意的是公仔佔的位置比較大,所以不推薦塞箱子裡,而會更建議手提,也可以避免行李...Read more

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    該店位於東京秋葉原地區,銷售嚴選自日本全國各地的精緻食品。網羅醬油、醬料、各地特色香辛料、天然蜂蜜等6000多種日本各地獨特產品。在這個“飲食”主題公園,不出東京,即可感受遊歷日本全國體驗,深入領略日本飲食文化及傳統。Read more

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