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Oedo Onsen Monogatari Tips

While personally I enjoy the more quieter onsens or public baths, Oedo Onsen Monogatari was just so much fun! The wristband payment system was very clever, meaning you can scan your barcode as you go, allowing you to purchase food and drink while in the bath house without needing cash on hand. Watch out though, because it can be easy to over-spend this way! The central communal part of the building with restaurants and games was buzzing and full of energy!

I liked the wide range of baths available as well, and the rented yukatas were so pretty!

It was very busy, and of course if you're not confident getting naked in front of strangers, you probably wont enjoy the experience. However, I found I got used to the nakedness quite quickly and was able to enjoy my bath!

If you want to go here but are not comfortable with the Japanese Naked style baths, or want to go in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then you could try the branch at Chiba. They have unisex onsen which allow you to enter with bathing suits.
However, there still are around 4 (out of 11) onsen which are Japanese style and gender separated.

Perfect location, after a walk in the park soak in the onsen and refresh yourself
rejuvenated and relaxed.

I went here once because I really needed a nap while I was in Odaiba, but I would love to go back when I'm a little more refreshed. They do collaborations sometimes as well, so I believe right now there is a Yuri on Ice collaboration event happening here.

If you can't visit a hot spring place outside of Tokyo, this place is perfect as it is located within Tokyo. It is located in Odaiba and is easily accessible by the monorail. You receive a wristband when you arrive and you use that wristband for purchases within the area. You can purchase food, drinks or services such as spa treatments. You are also given a yukata when you arrive which you wear inside the area. It really feels like you are in a Japanese festival! They have an outdoor foot bath which you can enjoy with friends!

This place is very nice!! Inside is like a mini matsuri (festival) with all the traditional and cultural games which is very great to experiencing Japanese matsuri if you have not been to one.

Don't assume that this place is just an onsen--there are games, massages/spa treatments, a wide variety eateries, etc. I would schedule at least 2 hours, but if you're prepared to take it all in, 4-5 hours is a good amount of time there.

A little expensive but worth the experience. The food that i tried was Katsudon and it taste so yummy. So many (quite expensive) mini games for kids. Love the night ambience and dont forget to visit the outdoor foot bath near the entrance. We missed it on our first visit because we didnt know it exist. Oh and there was a theme when we were there, it was Digimon Tri and another anime on our 2nd visit.


There are definitely more hot spring spots that are cheaper but what makes this place special is that there is an indoor area where there are two food court areas, a small souvenir store, and a small carnival game booth area. There are lots of photo op opportunities inside and outside.

Also, a bonus for fashionable traveller, you can choose the design for the thin kimonos and the colour of the obi which is the piece of fabric that you tie around the waist.

I'm personally a bit too iffy about being naked to take a dip in the hot spring with my family whom I went there with, so I had to go in there alone. The outdoor foot bath therefore became the place where I can enjoy the hot spring water with my family. During colder seasons, they offer traditional jackets that are super warm for the foot bath area. Although sometimes they do run out, just wait a bit until people come back in from the foot bath so you can take theirs. (or you can get your own jacket from your locker but the traditional jackets are really cool and cozy and great for pictures. :D)