Palette Town

パレットタウン(Pallete Town)

1-3-15 Aomi
upload by Odigoer


Pallete Town is a shopping and entertainment facility.


1-3-15 Aomi



Kim Dao

This place lights up at night time and is really beautiful. There is a really nice shopping mall as well as a car show room. You can also ride the ferris wheel - recommended to ride at night time for a great view!

Jordan Tan

A good place to visit during X'mas Season and see the lightings, interior decor.

After Venus Fort, can visit the Toyota Showroom.

Jordan Tan

Nothing too amazing as far as the content of the shops go.
A few impressive areas with sky painted ceiling, rendered stone facades, lampposts etc. One area has a grand fountain, another a fake church front. A cool chain store called Village Vanguard is inside, and there is a large Toyota exploration centre with various interactives and lots of cars to get in!


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