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Odaiba お台場 (Odaiba)

Located on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay, Odaiba is a spacious and modern district that is excellent for shopping and entertainment. Due to its newness, it is popular amongst young people. You could spend a whole day on the island, indulging yourself in recreation, shopping and gourmet food. Odaiba also hosts a selection of large recreational shopping centers such as DECKS Tokyo Beach, Palette Town, Aqua City and DiverCity.

Among these centers, Aqua City is the one adjacent to Odaiba Seaside Park. Besides the abundance of shops and advanced cinemas, Aqua City also houses the largest seaside food court. Here, you can take your pick from Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Western and other cuisines.

The Odaiba Seaside Park is also Odaiba’s major sightseeing spot. It hosts the only beach you will find in Tokyo. Tourists can go for a stroll along the seaside walkways, soaking in views of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. Inside the park, there is a miniature Statue of Liberty. When night falls, Odaiba’s beauty is magnified by the neon lights. This backdrop is favored by many Japanese TV dramas.

There are also many cultural facilities in Odaiba. You can find Tokyo Big Sight, which is also known as the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. Large scale exhibitions are held here. You can also visit the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Maraikan) and the Museum of Maritime Science. You can also visit indoor amusement parks such as Joypolis and large scale entertainment and sports facilities, such as Round 1.

Whether you are hanging out with friends, on a romantic date or part of a family outing, Odaiba can cater to all your needs.


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You can take the trail and go down in Daiba station and then walk from there to the deck (in the night the view is amazing with the color of the bridge and city) or go to the other way to the mall and take a picture with the Gundam statue.

There is an amazing game center full of crane machines and arcade games called Zepps in Palette Town, Odaiba. There is also another game center in Aqua City, but I don't recommend it because the one in Palette Town is the biggest game center in the area.

There is none of costly thing in Odaiba comparing with many places I have been in Japan.
You can stop your "shopping genes" but you can't stop your "eating genes".
Thus, if you are in Odaiba for a day or even longer, you should eat in the food court in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.
You can find many famous brands which after you finished here, you don't need to try again in other places in Japan so as to make your meal becoming more worthy.

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