お台場 (Odaiba)

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台場,是日本東京灣內一座以填海造陸方式制造出來的巨大人工島。1980年代起,此地做為東京臨海副都心的核心地帶而快速開發,由於區域內陸續遷入許多大型企業的總部,並且修築了許多采用現代規劃造景的商場與娛樂設施,近年來已成為東京都內最受國內外遊客歡迎的重要景點。 台場主要的觀光景點包括台場海濱公園、彩虹大橋、富士電視臺大廈、豐田汽車館、船之科學館和日本科學未來館等。此外,巨大的摩天輪、商品琳瑯滿目的購物商城和餐飲設施也使台場人氣十足。 交通方案: 鐵路:搭乘臨海線(りんかい線) ,“東京テレポート駅”下車; 百合鷗號(ゆりかもめ)的“お台場海浜公園駅”、“臺場駅”、“船の科學館駅”、“テレコムセンター駅”和“青海駅”下車 。 觀光汽船(水上バス):從“日の出桟橋”出發,直達臺場區的“お台場海浜公園”。


There is none of costly thing in Odaiba comparing with many places I have been in Japan.
You can stop your "shopping genes" but you can't stop your "eating genes".
Thus, if you are in Odaiba for a day or even longer, you should eat in the food court in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.
You can find many famous brands which after you finished here, you don't need to try again in other places in Japan so as to make your meal becoming more worthy.

Fiona Yuen

Good for shopping a few shopping malls in the area

Karis Sakura

Depending on your reason for visiting Tokyo, you may or may not enjoy a trip to Odaiba. There's an indoor amusement park called Joypolis that I recommend for anyone who enjoys arcades or theme parks. Additionally, the only pinkberry I've seen in the Tokyo area was inside Venus Fort in Odaiba.


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