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Gamers Tips

A huge selection of Anime/Manga but sadly didnt find what i wanted

Heaven for all the gamer and anime fans!!!! A must visit place in Akhibara.
This is definitely recommended for no reason. Big thumb up

When I was there (December 2015), there was a Love Live specialty store on the 7th floor. They definitely make sure that current/popular anime fans are well catered for!

Lots of manga and merchandise to choose from

Come here if you love anime lots of anime related stuff

There are several stores in Akihabara that cater to anime and manga fans. This one has a lot of floors, most filled with manga.

If u love anime u need to go to this place to try it out it is fun .

Gamers is a bit different than Animate in that it's meant more for a male demographic. You can find plenty of manga, games, CDs, DVDs, magazine, card games, and anime merchandise here.

Basically the store to go to if you love anime. Novels and manga are on the first floor, while upper floors have various merchandise. Look for signs to see what each floor offers.

If you like anime and manga, O M G. Best store I have visited in my life, my eyes almost popped out of my head. Tons of merch, and you can definitely find something you'll like from one of your favorite franchises here.