Nakano Broadway


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Coco Wu

Nakano Broadway is definitely a go to place for shopping and fun! I assume almost everyone knows about the 8 layer ice cream in the basement of Nakano and I must say, it is a definite must eat when you come to Nakano! It costs less than $5 USD! try it with a friend if you don't think you can finish it!

To get to Nakano Broadway you exit out Nakano station and go through the covered plaza and at the end there it is!

There are plenty of anime goods, figurines, mangas and other wacky stuff from Mandarake to be found!

This is also a great place to buy secondhand or new doujinshi if you are into that!

After you are done shopping, be sure to check out the plaza as it had many restaurants for yummy food and other general goods.

Reyb Aimei

Can try 8levels rainbow ice cream over there;) that's amazing!!💖

Sutefu K

Waaaaay cheaper than Akihabara! There are plenty of shops to check out for anime lovers and nerds. Also just cool to see all the historic toys. On your way to the station get Melon Pan from the bakery and Curry Pan from the curry pan store, you cant miss it!


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