Nakano Broadway


upload by Odigoer


Reyb Aimei

Can try 8levels rainbow ice cream over there;) that's amazing!!💖

Sutefu K

Waaaaay cheaper than Akihabara! There are plenty of shops to check out for anime lovers and nerds. Also just cool to see all the historic toys. On your way to the station get Melon Pan from the bakery and Curry Pan from the curry pan store, you cant miss it!

Bethany Beffinee

Worth going just to see all the weird, crazy things here. If you want to buy something nerdy and vintage Nakano Broadway is definitely the place to go. The ground floor tunnel has quite normal shops, take the escalator or the stairs to higher floors to find the interesting shops.

There's also a game centre, places to buy gacha and an ice-cream shop that sells 7 scoop high ice cream! :D


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