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First Avenue Tokyo Station 東京駅一番街

This train station is conveniently located within the Tokyo Station Complex. The location offers a wide array of entertainment for visitors of all ages. Anime/Manga shops are among the most popular. Travelers also favor the themed and regional sweets shops. The variety makes this area a popular one-stop shop for visitors traveling through Tokyo.


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character street , you can find some limited tokyo station edition merchandise also they do stamp rally's that really cute

I'd say that the location is easy to reach from most areas by hopping onto a JR or Tokyo Metro train. (We took the Chuo Line there). At first, this location was quite overwhelming due to the many crowds. I think that what really helped was going to the side, and actually reading the maps carefully. After awhile, we finally found the Rilakkuma Store on the bottom, and it was amazing! You have to go there if you're a fan of the relaxed bear and his friends. I feel like I brought one of everything from the store!
On the same lower level, there are a plenty of places to eat too. All of them looked good, but we opted out of eating lunch at the station since, again, there were a lot of people.

Be sure to stop by the Pokemon store! Its small, but if you are in the area, its a great place to buy official Pokemon merch.

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