Nijo Castle


541 Nijojomachi


The Nijojo Castle was recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1994. It was built in 1603 as the Kyoto residence of the first shogun of the Edo era, Tokugawa Ieyasu. The palace served as the residence and office of the shogun during his visits to Kyoto. The castle was completed by his grandson Iemitsu who completed the castle palace building 23 years later and added a five-storey castle keep.

After the Tokugawa Shogunate fell in 1867 the castle was used as an imperial palace before being donated to Kyoto city and opened to the public as a historic site. The Nijo castle consists of the Honmaru (main circle of defence), the Ninomaru (the secondary circle of defence) and some landscaped gardens surrounding both areas. The palace consists of multiple separate buildings that are connected by corridors with what are called nightingale floors that squeak when stepped upon to alert people of intruders.

The castle is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot and boasts of 400 sakura trees of the late blooming variety, and the sakura season usually lasts from late March through the month of April.


541 Nijojomachi

January - December
Monday - Sunday: 08:45-17:00


- 成人和高中生500日元
- 中小學生300日元


Jay Bowler

I have been to Nijo Castle twice, once in 2014 and once in 2016. I remember the first time I set foot inside it's incredibly spacious grounds, beautiful gardens in sakura season and also wandering around with my shoes off along the Nightingale floor inside the castle itself.

Fast forward to 2016 and we caught the night show again during sakura season. Not only was it a beautiful temperature with perfect weather, the illuminations inside the grounds was gorgeous, complete with a live koto show in the main hall. I truly love it here and would recommend to anybody visiting Kyoto for the first time.

Eri Lin

Take the time to appreciate the beautiful paintings located inside of the castle! The castle itself is also much bigger than what it seems from the outside, so make sure to set aside at least 1-2 hours to give it the attention it deserves.


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