Nanzen-ji Temple

南禅寺 (Nanzen-ji Temple)

Nanzenji fukuchi-Cho 86


Nanzen-ji is a Buddhist temple located close to Keage Station on the Tozai line.


Nanzenji fukuchi-Cho 86

January - February
Monday - Sunday: 08:45-16:30

March - November
Monday - Sunday: 08:45-17:00

Monday - Sunday: 08:45-16:30

- 方丈庭院500日元,三門300日元,南禪院300日元


Eri Lin

There is both an unpaid and paid section of the temple, so make sure to check the maps to see if the parts you want to visit require a ticket or not!

Jennifer Weiss

Nanzen-ji was once a set location for the film Lost In Translation. On her short trip to Kyoto from Tokyo, the lonely character Charlotte, played by Scarlett Johansson, visits this temple as well as Heian Jingu Shrine.

Check out all the other Lost In Translation locations in my trip right here on ODIGO:


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