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Nanzen-ji Temple Tips

Great temple! the surroundings grounds can be explored for hours! definitely worth a visit! Be careful though, it gets super cold at night time during the Autumn months.

Went there after all paid sections were closed (5 pm). Very beautiful place to take lots of interesting photos.

there is so beautiful!!
And you can relax at there as there is a peaceful place too~

Very peaceful and relaxing, beautiful moss around the temple and full of nature. Definitely recommend a morning visit.

Only went to the unpaid section. The area and temple was huge, but not as beautiful as other temples we visited in my opinion.

There is both an unpaid and paid section of the temple, so make sure to check the maps to see if the parts you want to visit require a ticket or not!

Nanzen-ji was once a set location for the film Lost In Translation. On her short trip to Kyoto from Tokyo, the lonely character Charlotte, played by Scarlett Johansson, visits this temple as well as Heian Jingu Shrine.

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