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1 Nishi-shinjuku
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This popular tourist destination is located on the west side of Shinjuku Station. Essentially unchanged since the Showa Era (1926-1989), little alleys connect 60+ bars and restaurants in a tightly packed area. A few of the shops are open in the afternoon, but the recommended time to visit is after sun-down.

Kim Dao

Lots of great food here! It's located just outside Shinjuku station. Some of the store are just standing food stores for a quick meal, and some of them are really small stores where you can sit down quickly for a bite to eat. The atmosphere makes you feel like you have stepped back a hundred years. There is a wide variety of different foods here!

Chia Zheng Xi

Omoide Yokocho Today
Omoide Yokocho is a perfectly safe place to visit. Look for a food stall with the outermost seats available, sit down, order a drink and a few small dishes. Almost all the restaurants and food stalls have English menus available.

Just look at the flow of people coming through the alley. It’s people watching at its best. Tokyo rarely gets more international than here - from the traditional sumo wrestler to the local salaryman to international tourists from Asia, Europe and beyond to tall African-Americans playing in the Japanese basketball league - you can expect to encounter all sorts of people here from everywhere. There might even be someone you know from your hometown walking down the alley (it happened to friends of mine on their first visit to Japan and Omoide Yokocho).

Norm Norm

Lots of small places to eat rather like the golden gai however there are more options here. Places hold about 10-12 people at a time and can get very busy in the evenings with a mix of both locals and tourists.


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