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This popular tourist destination is located on the west side of Shinjuku Station. Essentially unchanged since the Showa Era (1926-1989), little alleys connect 60+ bars and restaurants in a tightly packed area. A few of the shops are open in the afternoon, but the recommended time to visit is after sun-down.


This is probably my FAVORITE location in all of Tokyo. It's so hidden in the middle of bustling Shinjuku and it is loaded with gems. It's also VERY local - no English on the menu - which are all GREAT signs. My friend and I first stopped at an eel yakitori place. DELICIOUS. For $10 we ordered award-winning eel. So good and fresh that I can still taste it in my mind... No cold eel on unagi will ever come close to what I had here. We also went to another joint that was very packed. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of these two places but you would easily know because they are packed and there's a line. We ate stewed intestines, pig intestine yakitori, cold tofu, and tongue. All of it was DELICIOUS. My favorite Tokyo meal experiences

Tun Le Ang

A lovely spot not written in most of the guide books we have. We spot this place after visiting famous Tajimaya coffee as the alley is located next to the coffee shopฺ Well worth a visit and keep your stomach empty before you goฺ

Midori Nishida

Omoide Yokocho in Shinjuku has a very "grassroots" vibe to it as you walk through the narrow alley cramped with eateries serving food that go well with beer (think yakitori). If you really want to have the local salaryman experience, then this is the place to go as every shop is filled with company employees looking to blow of steam after their shifts.

It gets crowded in the evenings and each restaurant has space for only about ten people at a time, so will probably have to wait a bit for the popular eateries. I recommend asking a local (preferably a salaryman) to go with you if you can as they'll most likely know which place gives you the most value for your money.


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